Take the Leadership Challenge

Do you know in your gut that there is uncertainty in your leadership that holds your organization back?

Download these 4 steps to calm anxiety and gain alignment with your team.

People look to us as leaders to makes sense of it all, expecting answers and direction at these times of uncertainty. You can take easy and practical steps to calm anxiety and ensure alignment, starting today.

This Free Guide Will Show You How to...

  • C - Courage to acknowledge uncertainty
  • A - Allow others to take charge and make decisions
  • L - Leverage the curiosity of disruptive talent
  • M - Make time for self renewal
  • Red Flag that shows uncertainty: When people are presenting their ideas and updates to you, everything is “buttoned” down, everyone is playing “nice”. You might suspect that issues and challenges are hidden from sight. 
  • Red Flag that shows a lack of alignment: When you don’t have time to focus on your strategy because you are faced with operational issues to resolve. There is constant finger pointing at other departments, suppliers or colleagues when things go wrong. 


Use these four practical steps to lead that your team may never have seen before.

These four steps to CALM Leadership will reduce uncertainty and create alignment. Your team needs your leadership more than ever before. Start today to engage people and create alignment in your organization.

About ​Marguerite O'Neal Consulting Inc.

Marguerite O’Neal is a Disruptor Coach for CEOs with $5MM to $5B in revenue and leaders who want to level up to executive leadership roles. She brings a powerful mix of leadership theory and business strategy to her coaching practice and speaking engagements. A former pharmaceutical company executive and business consultant, she has advised multi-national and small business leaders in industries ranging from pharmaceutical and financial services to manufacturing, IT, and entertainment. 

Marguerite is the producer and host of Creative Disruption with Marguerite O'Neal, a provocative podcast that airs every Tuesday on iTunes, and that addresses issues that keep leaders up at night. She is a recent student of Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen, the world’s foremost authority on disruptive innovation. 

Marguerite holds an MA (Leadership) from the University of Guelph and is a graduate of Change Leadership and Executive HR Leadership programs at Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. An avid student of neuroscience approaches that improve leadership, Marguerite holds a license and specialty certification as a “New Life Story” Wellness Coach that incorporates neuroscience techniques to achieve optimal effectiveness in life and work.